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Characteristics of burrati chains
Designation: 520HX, 525HX, 530HX
O-Rings: X
Color: metallic black
  • Prior to launching, the burrati chains were tested at the Engineering Test Institute in Brno, e.g. tested maximum tensile strength on Burrati 520X Series basic chain is almost 40kN – test report
  • High elongation resistance over the chain life
  • Lifetime comparable to established European trademarks
  • High-quality lubrication for chain pins
  • Super-sealing performance thanks to X-Rings
  • Increased strength of chain plates
  • Standard sealing with X-Rings for all dimensions ranges and application types – from racing to off-road
  • Low power losses thanks to fine edges of sealing X–Rings
  • Increased life of chains and excellent shock damping thanks to high-quality mounting in the chain joint
  • The package includes two couplers – pressing and detachable
  • Standardized package of 120 links for the price of 108
  • X-Ring chains for the price of O-Rings
burrati - Gold line Series
Designation: G520HX, G525HX, G530HX
O-Rings: X
Color: gold
  • Attractive design thanks to gold pin and roller link plates (the manufacturers offer only pin link plates as standard)
  • Strength higher by 10%
Attention: The burrati logo is always embossed on the plate if original burrati chains are concerned.


Before market introduction burrati chains were tested in Engeneering Test Institute Brno.
Rupture testing protocol to download after clicking the Download button.

Repture testing protocol

Extension testing protocol to download after clicking the Download button.

Extension testing protocol